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Surrender to Love's Cascade: Eloping at a Waterfall in the PNW

When it comes to choosing a breathtaking and romantic backdrop for your elopement, few settings can rival the Pacific Northwest's cascading waterfalls. Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by the soothing sound of rushing water, misty rainbows, and the lush greenery of ancient forests. In this blog post, we'll explore why eloping at a waterfall in the PNW is a truly enchanting and unforgettable experience. The Allure of Waterfall Elopements

  1. Natural Beauty: Waterfalls in the PNW are nothing short of natural wonders. The region's abundant rainfall feeds these majestic falls, creating a lush and vibrant environment that will make your elopement photos truly magical.

  2. Intimacy and Romance: Waterfall elopements offer an unparalleled sense of intimacy. The secluded nature of these locations means you can exchange vows with just your closest loved ones, embracing the raw, unspoiled beauty of nature.

  3. Sensory Experience: The sensory elements of a waterfall elopement are extraordinary. The sound of rushing water, the cool mist in the air, and the scent of damp earth all combine to create a multisensory experience that will make your special day even more memorable.

Elopement Locations

  1. Multnomah Falls, Oregon: One of the most iconic waterfalls in the PNW, Multnomah Falls is a stunning choice for elopements. The Benson Bridge, which spans the lower falls, provides a picturesque backdrop.

  2. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington: This powerful and scenic waterfall is easily accessible, making it a great choice for couples looking for a stunning yet convenient location.

  3. Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington: Located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, this waterfall is surrounded by moss-covered trees and is accessible via a short hike.

  4. Proxy Falls, Oregon: Tucked away in the Three Sisters Wilderness, Proxy Falls is a hidden gem surrounded by vibrant wildflowers and lush greenery.

  5. Ramona Falls, Oregon: Nestled on the western slopes of Mount Hood, Ramona Falls is accessible via a moderate hike and offers a more secluded waterfall elopement experience.

Planning Your Waterfall Elopement

  1. Permits and Regulations: Ensure you research and obtain any necessary permits for your chosen waterfall location. Respect all park regulations and Leave No Trace principles.

  2. Timing: Consider the best time of year for your elopement. Spring and early summer often feature fuller waterfalls due to snowmelt and rain, while autumn offers vibrant foliage.

  3. Photographer: Hire a skilled photographer experienced in outdoor and waterfall photography to capture your special day's beauty.

  4. Attire and Footwear: Dress appropriately for the environment, and consider footwear suitable for potentially wet and uneven terrain.

Conclusion Eloping at a waterfall in the Pacific Northwest is a captivating and unique way to celebrate your love. With the region's natural beauty and the enchanting presence of cascading water, your special day will be filled with romance and wonder. Surrender to love's cascade, and let the PNW's breathtaking waterfalls be the backdrop to your unforgettable elopement.

see a complete list of Oregon/ Washingtons' waterfalls here!

Waterfalls in Oregon:

  1. Multnomah Falls

  2. Proxy Falls

  3. Ramona Falls

  4. Toketee Falls

  5. Sahalie and Koosah Falls

  6. Salt Creek Falls

  7. Silver Falls State Park (with multiple waterfalls)

  8. Latourell Falls

  9. Watson Falls

  10. Tamanawas Falls

  11. Metlako Falls

  12. Bridal Veil Falls

  13. Abiqua Falls

  14. Shellburg Falls

  15. Watson Falls

  16. Proxy Falls

  17. Punch Bowl Falls (Eagle Creek)

  18. Shepperd's Dell Falls

  19. Upper McCord Creek Falls

  20. Ramona Falls

Waterfalls in Washington:

  1. Snoqualmie Falls

  2. Palouse Falls

  3. Wallace Falls

  4. Bridal Veil Falls (Stevens Pass)

  5. Franklin Falls

  6. Marymere Falls

  7. Christine Falls

  8. Sol Duc Falls

  9. Comet Falls

  10. Bridal Veil Falls (Columbia Gorge)

  11. Panther Creek Falls

  12. Twin Falls

  13. Little Mashel Falls

  14. Spray Falls

  15. Falls Creek Falls

  16. Rainbow Falls (Gifford Pinchot National Forest)

  17. Rocky Brook Falls

  18. Tumwater Falls

  19. Merriman Falls

  20. Lewis River Falls (Lower, Middle, Upper)

While many waterfalls in Oregon and Washington may not be fully wheelchair accessible due to rugged terrain and natural environments, there are some that offer improved accessibility features like paved trails, viewing platforms, and ramps. Here's a list of some waterfalls in both states that are relatively more accessible for individuals with mobility challenges: Accessible Waterfalls in Oregon:

  1. Tamanawas Falls: Located near Mount Hood, this waterfall features a mostly flat trail to the viewing area.

  2. Salt Creek Falls: It has an accessible viewing platform and is the second-highest waterfall in Oregon.

  3. Proxy Falls: The trailhead has a wheelchair-accessible restroom, and while the trail itself may not be fully wheelchair-friendly, it's relatively flat and easy to navigate for some distance.

  4. Ponytail Falls: Part of the popular Columbia Gorge area, Ponytail Falls can be reached via the Horsetail Falls Trail, which has been improved to make it more accessible.

  5. Mossbrae Falls: Located in southern Oregon, it has an improved trail with accessibility features.

Accessible Waterfalls in Washington:

  1. Snoqualmie Falls: This iconic waterfall has an accessible viewing platform with excellent views.

  2. Palouse Falls: The Palouse Falls State Park offers accessible viewing areas and facilities.

  3. Wallace Falls: Wallace Falls State Park has a wheelchair-accessible trail that leads to viewpoints of the falls.

  4. Franklin Falls: While the trail itself may not be paved, it's relatively easy to navigate, and many people with mobility challenges have visited it successfully.

  5. Christine Falls: Located near Mount Rainier, Christine Falls is easily viewed from a parking area near the road.

  6. Lewis River Falls: The Lower Falls area in Gifford Pinchot National Forest is wheelchair accessible, providing views of the falls.

Please note that accessibility features may vary, and it's a good idea to check with local park authorities or websites for up-to-date information on accessibility and any specific accommodations available. Additionally, individual abilities may vary, so it's a good practice to assess the suitability of each location based on your specific needs and limitations.

An affectionate LGBTQ+ couple, sitting on a rocky ledge within a stunning waterfall, sharing a tender kiss during their engagement photoshoot."
steamy waterfall engagement shoot.

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