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The moment my client and I delved into their vision for their photography needs, there was an immediate spark of connection that ignited our conversation. It was as if our thoughts intertwined effortlessly, resonating on the same wavelength. Their enthusiasm and ideas harmonized perfectly with my approach and expertise. We didn't just see eye-to-eye; we seemed to share a creative language, effortlessly bouncing off each other's thoughts and aspirations. It felt like catching up with an old friend, exchanging visions, and weaving them into a collective concept. From the get-go, it was evident that we were on the same page, and the synergy was undeniably remarkable! This is so so important to make sure you hire vendors that you can VIBE with!


Have you ever thought about braving a blizzard for your engagement photos? Well, that's exactly what happened when I had the incredible opportunity to fly to Utah to photograph a couple's engagement session. Little did we know that this adventurous endeavor would not only result in stunning photographs but also create a unique bond between us.

As the plane touched down in Salt Lake City, the weather took a dramatic turn, and the entire area was blanketed in snow. A blizzard, they called it. Most might have seen this as a challenge, but we saw it as an opportunity. With unwavering determination, we ventured out to a stunning red rock canyon outside of Salt Lake.

The contrast between the snow-covered landscape and the vibrant red rock was nothing short of breathtaking. As the couple stood amidst the rugged terrain, their love shone brightly, a testament to the strength of their connection. The chilly winds and falling snowflakes only added to the magic of the moment.

Engagement images are included in all our wedding packages, but this experience was about more than just photographs. It was an adventure that brought us closer together. We laughed, we shivered, and we marveled at the beauty of the world around us.

Capturing their love story in these challenging conditions made us appreciate the beauty of love's resilience and the unexpected magic that can happen when you embrace the elements. It's a memory we'll all treasure, and it was just the beginning of a journey that I'm incredibly excited to continue as their wedding day draws near.

So, next time you're planning your engagement session, don't be afraid to embrace the elements. You never know what kind of magic you might create, and the memories you'll make together will be just as beautiful as the photos themselves.


In the world of wedding photography, capturing love stories goes far beyond just taking pictures. It's about building connections, sharing moments, and turning clients into friends. That's exactly what happened in our recent adventure, as we embarked on a beautiful journey together - from booking to becoming the best of friends.

Our story begins when this amazing couple reached out to me for their wedding photography needs. Little did we know that this initial contact would spark a connection that would grow over time. We went through the planning stages together, discussed ideas, and shared our dreams. It was evident from the start that something special was happening.

As we got closer to their big day, our bond deepened. The excitement in their voices was infectious, and their passion for their love story was inspiring. We shared laughter, brainstormed creative ideas, and navigated the ups and downs of wedding planning.

Finally, the day arrived. Their wedding took place at a charming, French-inspired chalet in the heart of Provo, Utah, just as fall was setting in. The atmosphere was nothing short of magical. The vibrant colors of autumn leaves and the rustic elegance of the chalet created a picture-perfect backdrop for their love story.

As I captured every moment of their special day, it felt like more than just photography. It was a celebration of their love and a testament to the connection we had built. We laughed, we cried, and we made memories that would last a lifetime. The images we captured weren't just photographs; they were windows into the hearts of two incredible people.

What started as a professional partnership had transformed into a beautiful friendship. As the sun set on their wedding day, it marked the beginning of an enduring friendship that goes beyond photography. The journey from booking to besties was a testament to the magic that happens when people come together to celebrate love.


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